Enter E-S270 Mini USB Speaker

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  • Line-in (external audio signal) switch directly connected to PC, MP3, Computer, Cell Phone, etc.
  • Supporting Line-out sound signal directly connected to Power Amplifier and computer input.
  • Built-in MP3 digital audio decoder chip with a sweet mellow and clear sound quality will help you to enjoy CD quality music and provide the high quality of life to you.
  • Amplifier is creatively and boldly designed and the sound box structure is made with innovative optimization and adjustment, which improves the quality greatly
  • Accompanying speaker for PC, MP3 and notebook
  • Mellow and clear timbre
  • Pure and elegant sound quality with unsurpassed effect
  • In compliance with acoustics and aestetics rationale
  • Flexible sound with distict tone levels
  • Small sized design, easy to carry


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